Frequently Asked Questions

Where should i click to setup a new alert?
an image is worth a thousand words. so here is a screenshot of where you should click to setup an alert. clicking on "ocean view" will create an alert for all ocean view categories (08a through 09d). clicking on "deluxe oceanview stateroom with verandah" creates an alert for categories 05a through 06b. clicking on "04d" creates an alert for just that single category.
How do I use the new alert form?
Please refer to the following screenshot.
I just purchased some CF Credits but they don't show up on my account yet
This sometimes happens when Paypal fails to timely report the purchase to us. In that case please contact us directly at and we will credit you manually.
What do your prices include?
Only the cruise for one passenger based on double occupancy. No taxes and fees are included.
I just set an alert on a cabin category for a cruise, will I use up more credits to monitor other categories on that same cruise?
No, only one credit is used to monitor as many cabin categories as you wish on a single cruise.
If I cancel all my alerts on a cruise will a credit become available to monitor another cruise?
Once a credit is used by setting alerts on a cruise it can only be refunded if the cruise line cancels that cruise. In that case contact us by e-mail.
How frequently does CF check for price changes?
Depending on the cruise line, prices are checked from hourly to three times a day.
How do I change my e-mail?
To change your CF email go to the Email Management page and follow these steps:

- add your new email

- verify it by clicking on the received link

- return to the email management page

- remove or disable the old email

What does the "Categories" percentage mean?
It is only an indication of available cabin categories, not ship occupancy. Only the cruise lines have access to that strategic information. Still it can be an useful indicator of a cruise's success.
What does a number in brackets [1] mean next to a saildate?
That number is the ranking of the three cheapest saildates, measuring the highest number of available cabin categories that have the lowest price for that itinerary (in USD only). It is just our own measure of relative "cheapness" for a cruise and probably not a perfect one, so use with care.
Where is CruiseFish located and how long have you been in business?
We are in Québec city, Canada and have been operating CF since April 2010.
Who is behind that service?
For now CF is run by a single individual, cruiser and programmer. Since cruise prices vary often and wildly it seemed like a good idea to offer this tool to fellow cruisers while having fun programming it.
Why didn't CF stay a free service?
All the data crunching required to offer timely alerts on six cruise lines takes computing power and bandwidth which are not free. CF provides free alerts on new saildates, itineraries and ships. Also most cruises will have a least one price drop, so a tiny investment to monitor prices is most likely to pay off handsomely in refund or OBC.
Do CF Credits expire?
They never expire, you can use your CF Credits any time you wish.
How does a typical e-mail alert look like?
To: lynx 
Subject: CruiseFish price change alert
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2010 01:00:18 +0100 (CET)

    Dear lynx,

At your request we are monitoring stateroom prices and/or status.

We have noticed the following changes:

- Ship: Carnival Conquest

  - Cruise: 7 Day Western Caribbean from Galveston TX

    - Saildate: 2011-02-20 -

      - Alert type: Suite Stateroom
        to remove alert:

        - Category: Suite Stateroom GS

          - price is DOWN:

           USD/Fun Select: 1,999 -> 1,799 (-200 $ -10.0 %)
What information do I need to provide when sending a bug report?
If your bug report is about a specific cruise make sure you include that cruise's permalink. Copy and paste it in your email or forum post.