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    No Fault of CruiseFish - but -

    Princess now seem to not reduce the pricing of their cruises near to departure but do in fact sell them for far less, first of all to past passengers, then after a while to anyone who approaches an online travel agent. So it seems a waste of time keeping track of pricing on CF when its close to sail date. I have just booked Emerald Princess for $1158, when the CF shown price was $1699. Sep 11th Copenhagen to Ft Lauderdale 18 days Transatlantic N Europe and Iceland. Other sailings I checked on were similarly disparate, I don't know if CF can fix it, I doubt it, Princess are being underhand.

    I really don't know if CF can fix th

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    Re: No Fault of CruiseFish - but -

    Alas it seems hard to detect these special lower prices as they don't even appear when browsing princess' site as a registered user.

    Thanks for the interesting info though. administrator