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    Celeb Eclipse 9 Mar 2013

    Titus; On 3 Aug 2011, I rec'd notification from you for a new military rate on the Eclipse for 9 Mar 2013. Your notification listed the amount of the new mil rate, and I was able to save money; I thank you for this. When I go my "alert" tab, and click on this specific alert, it takes me to my "selector tab". The list of prices on the "selector" tab does not give any amount for the new military rate; it is blank. Is there a way to parse the special rates to the "selector" tab so we can see what the exact amount of the special rate would be? Thank you again for this super site! Red

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    Re: Celeb Eclipse 9 Mar 2013

    Hi Red,

    That was definitely a bug, which is fixed now.

    Thanks for your report. administrator

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    Re: Celeb Eclipse 9 Mar 2013

    Thank you., sir.