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    Celebrity 3-11-2012 Deal Pricing

    Today you showed a Celebrity Solstice 3-11-2012 Caribbean cruise w/40-45% discounts in all categories. When we went to book it with Celebrity, they said these prices were not corrrect. As of now, you still show these discounted prices. What's up?

    We enjoy -- and use -- this site to monitor pricing for upcoming cruises, and have always found it to be accurate -- till today.

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    Re: Celebrity 3-11-2012 Deal Pricing


    I just checked prices on the cruise you mention at and all prices seem to match Celebrity's site.

    In the Deals page filtered on the Solstice I don't see the discounts you mention.

    But Celebrity's web site has been dysfunctional this last week-end. Probably some database maintenance (it also happens often on sundays for RCI). Maybe they had some transient erroneous pricing as we only reflect what they display. administrator

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    Re: Celebrity 3-11-2012 Deal Pricing

    You are correct.

    Pricing I spoke about is no longer being shown. Glad I printed it out when we originally saw the discounted pricing otherwise would have thought I "dreamed" the discounts.

    Thanks for the explanation. Must have been a "glitch".