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    a confused n00b

    I just found this site, registered and bought some credits, and I think this site is GREAT!

    I don't understand what one screen is trying to tell me.

    When I go to the "SELECTOR" page, pick a cruise line, and then pick a ship, it shows me the various itineraries for this ship. I then click on my itinerary and then I don't understand the next screen. In my case, I am looking at the Norwegian Star leaving on a 7 day cruise from New Orleans. When I click on this I get a page with the sailing date. I don't understand the number in brackets [1] nor do I understand what the percentages are telling me. Can you please help me out?

    Thanks so much for your time, you are doing a wonderful job.

    Thanks..... Rodger

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    Re: a confused n00b


    The number in brackets is the ranking of the three cheapest saildates, measuring the highest number of available cabin categories that have the lowest price for that itinerary (in USD only). It is just our own measure of relative "cheapness" for a cruise and probably not a perfect one, so use with care.

    The percentage is a ratio of still-open cabin categories.

    See the FAQ for more details. administrator