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    Re: Royal Caribbean exclusive rates

    Hello, I just joined. Can you tell me how to add residency rate, ie Im in Pennsylvania and I currently have a res. rate that is cheaper than what is appearing on your website. example. FOS 2.26.12 cat K rate I have is 669.00 and my cat D1 is 1069.00 both are less than what you are showing.

    Thanks much... :)

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    Re: Royal Caribbean exclusive rates


    Welcome to CF.

    Regarding residency rates I have yet to come up with a clean solution. Supporting all residency rates would have us check prices more than 50 times for each cruises on each run which is clearly unrealistic.

    So for now we only support FL rates. I know it's unsatisfactory and am looking at how we can let users select their own state in the near future. administrator

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    Re: Royal Caribbean exclusive rates

    Yesterday I booked a cruise based on the senior rate alert that was emailed to me. I got a really nice price on a grand suite in a perfect location for us, too. They are down to 1 GS left so it was important to jump right on it.

    Thanks again.

    PS: I originally responded to this post thinking I had booked the FL residency rate - I was mistaken. It was senior. But I still booked based on the timely alert so thanks are still in order. :)

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