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    Britannia or Azura?


    I have finally narrowed my search down to 2 ships. They both have great itineraries, just the Azura has better reviews.

    Which would you choose?

    I know people have different standards etc, a few months ago we backpacked China staying in hostels and hotels, but we also cruise, so we are not ridiculously fussy about things, the main thing for me is that the room is quiet and the food is decent, I guess anything will be a higher standard than that!.

    Both are a similar price, the Azura a slight jump in price. I can get an inside Cabin at a good price on both, a balcony on each is £820 more on the total, would you pay the £820 extra for a balcony?


    Please Help! 
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    Re: Britannia or Azura?

    I never get emails from Cruisefish and for some reason I got a link to your query, what about a middle ground, an ocean view, even a porthole if not a picture window/  I like it much better than a balcony as you can look from bed the view, and sometimes they are cheaper than the inside if you buy shortly before sailing as funny enough, people will either want an inside or a balcony so the oceanview goes unsold.  Or if you want to buy a cabin right away before a big price drop (informed by cruisefish natch!) book an inside and if price goes down, since they won't give you a refund for the difference, they MAY upgrade you to an oceanfront. 

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    Re: Britannia or Azura?

    Britannia is my choice