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    LOTS of Holland America cruises messed up

    It seems like there are lots of Holland America cruises that are listed with incorrect information on CruiseFish.  Generally this includes lots of cruises that are NOT sold out showing as sold out and many cruises with prices that do not have an "updated" date since early January.  I believe Holland America changed their website recently with how to list available rooms for booking so perhaps this is part of the issue.

    As just one example, Maasdam has lots of 7 day cruises listed in Canada/New England for May-August 2017.  According to the HAL website none of these is sold out.  If you go to the CruiseFish page below though, about half of them show up sold out on the cruise type listing.

    If you click on a "sold out" cruise, the cruise price page still shows categories and prices available.

    I haven't looked at every HAL cruise of course but looking at a random sample I also don't see any price with an "updated" date later than 1/4 or 1/5 earlier this month.  This is independent of whether or not cruises show up as "sold out" on the cruise type listing pages.

    Both of these issues make me doubt if CruiseFish would actually pick up any change in price of HAL cruises.



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    Re: LOTS of Holland America cruises messed up

    It seems Cruisefish hasn't had HAL cruises correct since jan4 2017

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    Re: LOTS of Holland America cruises messed up

    Looks like HAL updates are working again.

    I actually found out when getting a price alert for a Canada cruise in May I had been looking at.  The alert said the price went up like 60-70% and I figured "that has to be wrong".  Turns out it was right!

    Good thing I had already bought the cruise last month!

    Thanks for the fix.