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    New/Old Price alert

    Hi I have alerts set up for 10/29/2017 Florida Bahamas (Breakway) and now there are 2 setups (one in German i am thinking) but now my alert is set up on the dead listing. 

    Would you please transfer my alert over to the current alert. Thank you




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    Re: New/Old Price alert

    I had the same thing with my FOS cruise June 18/17.  Original alert set in June 2016.  I had to recreate under new date (original date crossed out).  I'd like my credit back too.

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    Re: New/Old Price alert

    Bumping up


    Titus would you please credit me the 2 credits that went haywire on NCL please?


    Thank you

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    Re: New/Old Price alert

    You might want to send the administrator an email requesting the credit.  His email is at the bottom of this page under contact us.