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    Euro price is not possible to book

    Hi, I am watching (without alert) the Celebrity Solstice cruises on April 08, 2013 (Transpacific) and April 25, 2013 (Hawaii). The price on your website in Euro for an Aqua-Class A2-category is for the first travel EUR 1991,- per passenger and EUR 1525,- for the second travel.

    Unfortunately Celebrity Cruises in Frankfurt/Germany told me today they have never heard about that prices, and that the "real" price is EUR 2102,- (Transpacific) and EUR 1589,- (Hawaii).

    Could you please write a staement on this? Thank you very much.

    I like your page, but it only makes sense, when the prices are correct.

    Regards, moewe11

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    Re: Euro price is not possible to book


    All Celebrity prices should be accurate, and this one is too.

    Have you checked Celebrity's web site by following the "reserve that cruise in EUR" link from the following page? administrator

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    Re: Euro price is not possible to book

    Thank you for the quick reply! I tried the link, and the price really was EUR 1991.-! But one or two pages later, there are additional taxes, so that the price gets higher.

    Because there was still a difference to what Celebrity Cruises told me this morning, I called them again. The answer was, that I, who live in Germany, can book on the German website (where the price is higher) but not on the American website (because I would need an US-adress).


    But now I know, that your prices are correct. Thank you!