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    Re: CruiseFish Fail

    Why would he delete it? People pay money to get accurate alerts. This isn't something that's free. If you sell a service then you need to make sure you're providing what you advertise. Business 101.

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    Re: CruiseFish Fail

    And if you don't point out errors or the fact that you are not receiving alerts they would never get fixed

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    Re: CruiseFish Fail

    Not a complaint, but I also experienced the lack of notifications.  I called my TA today to make final payment for a cruise on the Royal Princess, January 9, 2017.  She informed me that the rate for the two of us had gone down nearly $1,000 since we booked last winter!  Needless to say, we were pleased.  But, I never received an alert from CruiseFish and checked to see if my Alert is still in place.  Yes, the Alert is still there.  The price has apparently dropped several times but never a notification.  I've lost confidence in CF.

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