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    Cabin availability

    I'm new here and don't see where I set up alerts when a particular category of cabin opens up.  In other words I'm booked in a regular mid ship balcony and would like to upgrade to a large balcony but according to NCL no mid ship ones are available right now,. The cruise is a year away so I figure some will open up.  How do I set that alert?  All I see is price change alerts.  Thanks for helping a newbie!

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    Re: Cabin availability


    I think if you set up an alert for balcony and check the box 'back' (others choices are up, down, gone)  you will receive a notice when certain category is back in inventory. Then you can check if mid ship cabins are available or not. For example CF sent a notice today  stated - category: concierge Class C3 - is BACK with the SAME price: xxxxx 

    so if this is the mid ship cabin category you are looking for then you can check cruise line web site for cabin availability. hope this makes sense. good luck