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    Re: Princess Price Drop not showing or notice?

    On July 23, 2011 at 07:04 PM, finucane wrote: Thank you Jim... Also on Princess Star 4/13/ 12, category I they had a price "increase" and I received no notice yesterday or day before. It did in fact go up and one of my preference's is set to "price is up since last alert", I received nothing.............

    What price increase? I don't see any record of an increase in Interior categories.

    I just checked the prices on Princess' site and they match exactly those on CF.

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    Re: Princess Price Drop not showing or notice?

    Well I guess you got me on this one since I can't prove it, I don't have a screen shot (like you have) from when we booked one more person on 7/19/11, 4 days ago to category I. She is a first time cruiser so she doesn't get the Captains Circle discount (which I don't use on your pricing). I am looking at her booking confirmation and her cruise fare was $1749.00 - a $25.00 referal discount, USD on 7/19/11, then the price went up I believe yesterday to $1905.00 which is where it is today, never received an "increase" notice from cruise fish that I am talking about. We are in the same category but booked months ago... Regardless of her booking 4 days ago, I do have a screen shot of when we booked the same class (I) back on 3/30/11 for $1855.00 USD , and around 5/28/11 the price dropped to $1699.00 and we never received a CF "price decrease" on that one when it happened (These are all non-Captain's Circle pricing). And again we did not receive the CF notice when the price went up per our conversation above for our friend or us a couple days ago from after she booked, I believe yesterday... Screen shot for "price drop" on our booking add $50.00 for Captain's Circle discount, so the price decrease would have showed $1699.00 on CF, never got it... Hope this come through on your site... capture

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    Nope, it didn't happen, I have emailed it to you, sorry...


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