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    How does CF even work?

    Hey folks Im a new agent and really trying to find all areas for leads....can you tell me how CF works....I did buy credits last week but havent looked in to it again until today...any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: How does CF even work?

    Suggest that you read the FAQ's.  You can access that at the very bottom of the page by clicking on FAQ.  You have to look hard because there is barely any contrast and it is very difficult to see----anyway, at the very boittom it says "contact us" and "FAQ".  You will find it very helpful.

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    Re: How does CF even work?

    When you book a client, set up an alert with the ship, category, and current pp pricing and other pertinent rate codes elgibility. In notes I put the client name and order number for easy reference when an alert comes in. when there is a price drop, you will get an email and can then see if the pricing is better than what your client has. Be sure they do not give up any bonus amennity with the new price before making a change.

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