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    relaxing with Ernie
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    Re: Laura Sterling- Cruise Critic

    On January 10, 2016 at 09:42 PM, Johnh1995 wrote:

    Nancy, thanks for your help but not everybody has an i phone. I have a Nokia that sends texts and makes an occasional call.

    Or you could use a VPN service like which randomizes your ip address, that way CC will never be able to block you again.

    Indidentally a VPN has many other uses, like appearing to connect from the US when you are abroad so you can unlock Netflix, etc. and also circumvent stupid web sites that will force you to use the currency of your current location. administrator

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    Re: Laura Sterling- Cruise Critic

    Thanks Titus for your suggestion. However at a monthly cost of $4.99, I am not that bothered about even looking at the rather childish comments that can be seen on Cruisecritic. I will stick to Cruiseline or Tripadvisor. It does amuse me that I am a senior level 5 contributor on Tripadvisor which is basically the same company as Cruisecritic. It is unfortunately all down to Laura Sterling who thinks she is Queen Bee.

    and . . .
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    Re: Laura Sterling- Cruise Critic

    What great information. Don't have an issue with CC because I simply quit using them. mostly for the reasons stated on this thread. But, I do miss my Netflix when traveling.


    Not banned yet,



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    Re: Laura Sterling- Cruise Critic

    I stopped using it because they banned me for life (LOL) for asking, (among other things) how CC could be impartial if it is owned by a travel company and no other travel agents can be mentioned.

    Thing is I don't see how any group like CC can be owned, effectively by a travel company.
    Surely it is in the interest of everyone to know where the best deals are.

    Anyway it's history to me now and if I desperatley want to see CC in all it's glory I can go on their Facebook group page :)

    All the best 
    (Just booked Celebrity Solstice 4th Jan from Sydney, can't wait)


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    Re: Laura Sterling- Cruise Critic

    I'm from Canada and happened six years ago to actually meet the young brunhilda who has the power to banish you from the Cruise Critic site. She did.  For life.  Crusise critic is a website that is, as we call it in North America, stale dated.

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