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    Question on pricing for alert

    Been a year or so since I used this site, had great success in the past, and I'm having a brain fart as far as pricing.  Just to confirm, to set the alert for a price drop I am putting in the price for 1 person correct?  So cruise fare divided by 2 as I got a BOGO 1/2 off deal. 

    Next question, when setting up selected rates, I have all my applicable rates (military, law enforcement, etc...) set for 2 person.  Is that going to be an issue if the price mentioned above is set pp?

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    Re: Question on pricing for alert

    I do not put in a specific amount, that is optional and I typically do not use it.     As soon as I make a booking, I obviously know what the rate is that day.   I then go and set up an alert on the category I booked and above.    I believe the wording is, Down, price is down since last alert.       Sometimes if I think categories above mine may drop well below what I paid, I will plug in an amount I'm willing to go to for a paid upgrade (aka upsell).

    For example if I paid $500 for a balcony, I will set up an alert on a balcony (leave the optional link to put in an amt. blank), I'm going to get an alert for anything less than $500 (no need to put in an amount, if the alert comes in you call the cruiseline or TA (depending how you booked)     If I've booked enough in advance I would also set up a suite alert for what I would be willing to pay if that was an option.  For example I'd set up a suite alert and plug in either $550 or $600 depending on the ship and/or length of cruise - thats about the only time  I add an amount.    You can put anything, its just emails in your inbox that you can delete.  

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    Re: Question on pricing for alert

    Can you tell me if the CF rates quoted include the taxes on the cruise?


    Thanks,  Bob

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    Re: Question on pricing for alert

    The rates quoted are exclusive of tax.