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    Re: CruiseFish - no longer useful?

    On July 05, 2015 at 12:12 AM, dande36 wrote:

    CF missed a price drop on 7/1 for one of the sailings that I am watching.    I sent an email to Titus about it a couple of days ago and still have not heard back.  I agree with the others, it seems like lately I am finding the price drops before I get an alert

    As I replied to dande36 by email, the problem is she only follows DOWN events and, since she's been notified before of lower prices than present ones, it's expected that no alert was sent. administrator

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    Re: CruiseFish - no longer useful? [ALWAYS HAS WORKED GREAT FOR ME]...

    Quite agree, great site keep up the excellent work, Many Thanks Titus, keep up the great work!!!

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    Re: CruiseFish - no longer useful?

    How do you put in resident special - also, my princess fare dropped and no email from cruisefish - how do I contact them 

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    Re: CruiseFish - no longer useful?

    At the bottom of this page there it says Contact us just click on that 

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