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    cruise crossed out

    What does it mean when an entire cruise is crossed out, but the cabins are not? I am booked on Carnival Magic  9/13/2015 and the cruise is crossed out on the main listing under that ship.

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    Re: cruise crossed out

    I have same ?  Hope we get an answer. 

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    Re: cruise crossed out

    Me too.  I'm having the seem issue, does anyone have an idea what it means?

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    Re: cruise crossed out

    It seems OK to me.  Not crossed out on my computer.:realconfused:

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    Re: cruise crossed out

    it was back in November when I first posted. Not sure why it happens but in a few hours it shows back up. Since November it has happenned at least 4 times..

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    Re: cruise crossed out

    No real answer given to this question but on the NCL cruise I have booked in 2017, ALL the cruises are crossed out in that year. Does anybody have a definitive answer?