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    what does "..." mean in the fares grid?

    Hi, I looked in the FAQ and could not find an answer for this:

    What does “…” mean in the grid?

    See the example below, for category K.

    Does “…”  for the K and Z categories mean “not offered” (no such category exists) or “not available” (exists but no current prices and/or sold out)?

    Thanks for your help...


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    Re: what does "..." mean in the fares grid?

    so I understand now that that the K category is actually a cabin for 3 people, and the RCL site only shows the fares for this cabin in case you specify 3 people in your cabin.

    Since CruiseFish only shows double occupancy fares, possibly it does not show this fare for that reason.

    But it would be nice to have a definitive answer.

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    Re: what does "..." mean in the fares grid?

    Pretty sure that you have already guessed correctly that it is a fare that is not currently offered.  Very often there are no category guarantees available.

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    Re: what does "..." mean in the fares grid?

    Actually the fare is offered, but only for 3 passengers in the cabin.  So it looks like cruisefish cannot see/show it, since cruisefish only support two passengers per cabin.