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    Group Bookings

    I've read the recommendations of the many T/agencies for cruises, but what about an agency that would accomodate a 16 cabin request?  I've booked directly with RCCL but have experienced so many problems.  One of which was when I did some upgrading from inside to balcony, RCCL took away the $100. OBC! 


    As you know, a large family/friend cruise encounters changes of all types and the RCCL agent is not willing to work with me.  Am I able to transfer bookings?  What would the timeframe be?

    When there is a price drop, I want it!!!  RCCL's booking confirmation pricing differes from the quoted price....What are their customers to believe the actual price is?  I had a wonderful agent who worked diligently for us, but she's gone now.


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    Re: Group Bookings

    You need an agency that has a good relationship with the groups department and you should be good to go. If it's 75 days or more out especially, they can get great discounted group rate prices that rarely get beaten by retail prices. Sometime there may be a last minute price drop on an inside cabin to fill the ship but it usually is a few cabins and lasts one day. You could never get it for sixteen. Celebrity is really amazing to me with groups and I love their beverage package includes (alcohol too!) they have until end of of July for future bookings. But all cruise lines are usually great in dealing with groups. Disney got rid of their group department though so that's another universe.