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    New to it all trying to get a better understanding please help ;)

    Hey lovelies new to this whole price drop thing have been investigating a little further.

    We have two kids and were looking at travelling on through royal car jan 25 nz trip on the voyager but the cheapest balcony rate with prepaid grat would have us at 7000 ish for us that is quite dear but we were planning on paying it off and it would be on our sons first birthday that we came very close to losing. If i book the cruise and say between now and jan the price drops for the same category what happens? Can i cash in on that in some way..? there guarntee other than the 48 hours after? Ihow many times can i change iit? I will be booking through an online travel agent that had a better obc deal  oh and this includes the buy one get one half price are they actually worth it?

    thanks in advance ;)

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    Re: New to it all trying to get a better understanding please help ;)

    BLUF: It all depends on your laws. 

    Country laws determine how cruises are sold in a particular country. Some countries do not allow price changes (drops) to be applied with in six months of a cruise. In others you can get drops up to final payment (and occasional an up grade after if the price drops). So the first thing you need to do is just talk to a local travel agent (then talk to another one to verify and ask them about country rules.  I simply don't know how NZ law applies. If it is like Australia, there definitely are some time restrictions. 

    If the ship port is "local to you" you can always take a chance and try booking just after final payment when a number of people are going to decide that they don't want to pay. At that point, there are usually a few cabins which open up and the price may go down. But you will have to pay it all at once. The downside of cruises out of OZ is that they are generally really, really booked because of limited number of ships and summer time. 

    You may also want to research the child programs and find out what are the programs and age retrictions/hours/etc if you are planning on using them. They are programs and not babysitting: they don't operate in the evening and you can't leave really littles there on shore with out a lot of restrictions.

    Safety: most littles don't get sea sick. But if you have climbers, don't have a balcony unless you are going to be out there with that child, awake and alert every second. My kids adore cruising, but I didn't take them untill they were all past age 10. You also want a cabin that has a couch that folds out, not bunk beds. Most lines have a restriction on age of children allowed in bunk beds (and you don't want to be up there - it takes time to get down if you need to fast for one of the kids).

    And if that is the Aventure - in US$ it is ~1800/pp for the first two (before the 150%). Third person is normally under 1000 and there shouldnt be a charge for the 1 year old. So I would recheck prices starting with calling RCCL in NZ. At the prices you are quoting - even adding port taxes - you are paying for a junior suite. Of course, none of this includes getting to Sydney - is that in the price? If so - you are not going to get any price changes after you book. With the age of your children - you may get a better price by doing all the bookings yourself.



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    Re: New to it all trying to get a better understanding please help ;)d

    Thanks so much for your reply!

    I am located in australia but will book through a us company for the extra obc. 

    The travel company said they could 'try' and change it if th prices dropped but it wasnt that convincing.

    from what I can see rc charges for infants unfortunately :( which is a but much for an almost one year old.

    have uploaded the quote with the best obc one adult is half price for a superior balc room (cheapest balc room avail) our six year old wont go out to the balcony without us and out almost one year old in jan will def not be going on the balvony without us but that is an extremely good and important point.

    what is your honest opinion?

    Your right about flights we will be flying from melbourne to sydney so need yo figure that in along with transfers to the ship and back etc and spending money it adds up to quite alot for 11 nights

    what are your feelings about all this? Any suggestions? Your throught on the current price and possible drops? Is this price good/bad/average

    thanks so much!

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    For what is worth - VTG is listing the cheapest balcony at 1769 and you can calculate from there. One of your challenges is that RCI (like all the other cruise lines) doesn't like you booking outside your own country. Normally to book through a US agent, you are going to need a US $ account technically in the US. But at the above rater, my calculations come out to less than 5K even with port charges. I would forgo the OBC in favor of paying much less up front. OBC is worth something only if there are things on board that you want to buy. 

    If you want alcohol, bring on two bottles of wine. If your kids can't stand drinking water - get drink mix and make as you go. What can destroy your budget it the on board "extras."