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    some price reductions reported

    We were very pleased with the reduction that we received after receiving a notification from cruisefish for our upcoming Royal Caribbean cruise.  In fact the reduction was out there for a very short period of time, even though the sale was for a whole month.  The price of the cabins before the sale discount were increased, so if we hadn't jumped on this right away, we would have not received any discount.  However, we were surprised to not receive any price reduction notification for an upcoming Princess cruise even though we had set up and paid for that alert on cruisefish.  This reduction still has not been reported on cruisefish, yet I was able to receive a reduction of almost $600 on that cruise by being vigilant and calling the cruise line as soon as I saw the reduction on line.  The point of this post is that cruisefish is good, but is not on top of every reduction.

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    Re: some price reductions reported

    I've looked at your alert at for category IB and our price matches Princess' web site.

    Could you provide a link to your lower price?

    Do you maybe have past guest special rates? (we don't support them yet) administrator

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    Re: some price reductions reported

    Hi Titus . I did check and you do need to sign on to the Princess website to see the lower prices. I don't think you need to be a past customer, but you do need to establish an account.