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    Errors in alerts???


    There is no price like this says .. the Junior suite is $1897 at this time and not $1797..  program is not picking up the numbers accurately.

    Also many of my Alerts are telling me that the categories are GONE and then shortly they send another alert that they are back? this is on Celebrity and RCL


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    Re: Errors in alerts???

    I get the same two alerts, and took me a while to realize that on my cruise there is one JS guarantee slot left for open bookings, when it is either purchased or put on hold by a cruiser or TA, a couple of things happen (I get my "gone" e-mail from Cruisefish), then...If the cabin is purchased as a guarantee suite they have been assigned a cabin by the Cruise line, or the 24 hold expires.  In either case the room guarantee is put back into the available market, and I get a second email "its back"  that tells me it is available again.  

    Already got a low cost upgrade from a Balcony to a JS as a result of an alert here, just looking for a reduction in my JS to break even.