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    Shifting Types/Categories


    I am watching the 31 Aug 14 Celebrity Summit Bermuda cruise and the cabin categories keep shifting around. The Sky Suites seem stable, although there is a spurious S2 category listed with no pricing. I want to watch the Aqua Class type, but the my watch item is constantly shifting between FV, Concierge, Aqua, Veranda types/categories.

    Work around is to watch the entire "Balcony" class. I won't miss a drop, but will probably get some chaff.

    Also, emails directed to are bounced back with the comment "Client host rejected: known spam source" -  oh oh!


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    Re: Shifting Types/Categories

    Hi Mark,

    I'm aware of the problem with X categories and need to address it next week.

    Also, you should now be able to contact me by email. administrator