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    Titus...where are you?

    I completed a request to you 8 days ago and still nothing.  So unlike you...hope all is well.

    I was hoping you would add the Early Saver rates to Carnival Valor August 17th sailing to Carribean.  Prices STILL not showing up.  Took my $1.00 :rolleyes: but it is still not correct.  Thanks!  You can delete this one if you answer the one below please..Vacation13

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    Re: Titus...where are you?

    Sorry for the late answer.

    There has been a lot of confusion with Carnival rates as their denomination and code change a lot with various promotions. To cut down on the clutter I did a major cleanup whereby (for example) any "Early Saver Plus", "Early Saver + Free Upgrades", "Early Saver + Free Strippers & Whisky", etc. :wink: get folded into the regular, trusty "Early Saver".

    The same goes for Fun Select, Military and Past Guest.

    TO ALL: if you have Carnival alerts please check that all your rates are properly selected, as I had to delete a bunch of spurious rates.

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    Re: Titus...where are you?

    Thanks so much Titus...A job well done :-)  Yes Carnival has switched up their "Creative" game.  Thanks again

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    Re: Titus...where are you?

    Thank you Titus & YES, Carnival is making everyones job more difficult with all the bogus rates!

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