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    Best Agency based on PRICE only

    Who offers the lowest prices - do not care about hours, phones, etc - just want price
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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    Good morning, I think the better question is which company offers the best tools for locating the best price. When I start my research, I use They have a great "sort" capability. Good luck, Cheers,

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I start with vacationstogo then after selecting the cruise I like the look of I go to cruisecompete, that site does the hard work for you , and sometime with surprising results with one agency being maybe a thousand per passenger cheaper than all the others, probably as a result of block booking and cancellations.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I also think vacations to go is a great site to search for a cruise, but I have found the best prices on cruisequick.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    anorak that is exactly how I get the best price/most OBC. Last cruise I also contacted vacationstogo for a quote and THEY gave us the best OBC!

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    Costco! Without a doubt in my mind. Researched and researched and it was Costco in my book! You should check out their website and see. Good Luck! Cruiser303

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I actually booked directly with RCI at first. I was able to get a much better choice of cabins. I booked the three cabins and then went to I then found a TA that gave me the best OBC. I then just tranferred my reservations to her and I got the OBC. I called RCI but they will not match anything from a TA. So now I have my OBC and I still check here for drops and I will let the TA know. Even if I miss a drop I don't think that it will be more than my OBC.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    Something to note, if your price drops, so does the agency commission and could effect their ability to give you the OBC. Agencies do the best they can, but they are also businesses and need to be able to keep their doors open.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    Cruise compete agencies give away most of their agents commission. They offer cheap cruise prices for people who don't deserve customer service. Good Luck with that one! All TA's have the same prices as the cruise lines. Find a good search site and then call your local TA to get the best price and the best service. Support your local business, not the huge online companies with customer service from India or some other country.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    yes , I booked with cruisequick too, and they offered the best price.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I had a very BAD experience about 8 years ago with a travel agency and swore I would always make my own bookings from that point on. About 2 years ago, I got my nerve up and transferred a booking to Cruises-N-More. I just booked my 3rd cruise with them. I've had nothing but GREAT bargains and perks and the best customer service. I have NO complaints (and after my bad experience, I never thought I would think that way again about a TA). I would totally recommend them to anyone thinking of cruising.



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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I like to book directly with the cruiseline and manage my booking for as long as possible.I always transfer it to a TA for the OBC. Each and everytime cruisequick offers the highest OBC I can find, so they get my bookings. I've also had a good experience with them. Cruises-n-more came close on my upcoming Med cruise, but only on new bookings. Keep in mind though, cruisequick is best for people who know exactly what they want and don't mind communicating via email.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only for sure.

    They go out of their way to find every available discount for the cruise you want. Then after you cruise, as a thank you for booking with them, they send you a rebate bank check.

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I always start my search with vacationstogo but don't like calling. So, I've had the best luck booking with for the last few cruises. Their onboard credit seems higher than other agencies and once in a while they throw in a private dining room credit per person. After reading here, I'm tempted to try next!

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    Re: Best Agency based on PRICE only

    I've done: Costco - good price/OBC, decent service.

    Cruisecompete - which is an auction site among TA's, good price, good OBC, but the TA offers very little service.

    Direct booking (with HAL) - no OBC, very good service.

    Cruisefish has changed my approach, it lists all the possible cabins and pricing - which could be very confusing on emails/phones with various websites/TA (am I getting a better deal or just a cheaper cabin?). I pick the cabin I want, book directly with Cruise Line. When price drops, I call the cruise line, change the booking over the phone (very easy with HAL). I don't have to go through some TA. I will miss out on possible OBC, but another member have mentioned way around it.

    For one stop, book and forget-it approach, my 2 experiences with Costco were good, cruisecompete also has a lot to offer on pricing.

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