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    NCL Star / Dawn has category SJ (Window Full Suite)

    Hi Admin !

    Thank you for your awesome web site.  I am truly grateful as I watch my cruises like the stock market.  Surely you do as well, otherwise you wouldn't have built the site :-)

    From my reports, I see that SJ is missing.  Please add to the system.  I know this is probably not possible but a feature request would be 'number of cabins available in each category listed.'

    Thank you again,


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    Re: NCL Star / Dawn has category SJ (Window Full Suite)

    Hi tjmonks,

    SJ is available on the Dawn but seems always sold out on the Star, even when trying with 4 guests. So the system never picked up that category. Does anyone know why SJ is never offered online with the NCL Star?

    Alas we have no way (yet) of knowing the number of cabins available as that info is closely guarded by cruise lines. Do TA's have that info on their system? If so maybe CF should register as one to get at the juicy info :-) administrator