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    Confused and need direction as want to use this site properly.

    I have a cruise/land option that I really like with ( WMPH Vacations / Hawaii vacations outlet.). The shipis Celebrity and we have cruised with Celebrity before.  The cruise is in 2014 from Vancouver/ Hawaii with some great options if using the cruise/land combo.   Very newbie! and need some percise instruction so I can get the best price using CF and other sources like a TA, etc.

    Do I book the cruise with Celebrity and than use CF for checking prices.  Celebrity does not have the perks as does the Hawaii outlet or  How do I do this?   Do  I eventually trfr to a TA?   Or do I just book with TA?    Hawaii outlet, WMPH or are they considered TA's and how accessible are they for assistance especially price drops.

      I guess my main confusion is with e.i., do they reduce their prices if Celebrity changes their pricing on a category. 

    If the price goes down on Celebrity it might not be necessarialy recognized by i cruise if they have a pkg combo?

    Wow I am so confused.   Maybe, CF only works for cruise only and not the above-mentioned.

    Help any direction would be so greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU SO MUCH.   Sorry that I am truly a beginner.



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    Re: Confused and need direction as want to use this site properly.



    Whether or not you book thru a Travel agent (online or in person) or directly with the cruise line does not matter.    The base cruise price should be the same.   TAs are not permitted to charge less for the cruise price.  However, they do have different breakdowns of the price, which should equal out the same when totalled up.    What TA do  is offer perks, as you mentioned you were looking at.   And often if/when there is a price drop, the TA will take away some of those perks.     It would really depend on the TA and what the perks are.   Also know that in order to ever receive a price drop it must be before final payment as Celebrity will not drop the price after that.  But you can always upsell to a better cabin if the price dropped in the class above what you paid for.

    With that said, CF will alert you to price drops, depending on how you set up your alert.   If you see a price drop, call your TA and see what they are willing to do.    You also need to make sure you read the TA change/cancellation policy.  They may charge a change fee, however, some do not.    Besides a price drop, often there are price drops in a higher category than you booked and you can request to move up for zero to just a little bit more money to a much better cabin.   Typically a TA would not take away perks if you are actually putting out a little bit more money but don't expect extra perks from them.

    Hope this answered some of your questions.   CF is a wonderful tool and well worth the cost.