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    Re: When is the best time to pull the trigger and book??

    Interesting thread. In the UK, if prices go down after booking, then generally it is tough, you will most likely not get a refund (I can only speak of Celebrity).  People we have met on cruises advise we book in future via US websites. 

    Mari, we have a guaranteed inside booked on Reflection for 6th Oct 2014 (at over £100 per person per night for an inside). 

    We booked the cheapest room because the trip is port intensive but also because we are doing the transatlantic that follows.   

    However, the prices for the 11 day Eastern Med on Celebrity are very expensive, and so are the past prices. An  oceanview is over £1500 because Celebrity have the 123 Go offer at the moment. I asked them the reduction without the 123 Go, they said none.  It is a take it or leave it!

    If we were to cancel we get charged £150 each



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    Re: When is the best time to pull the trigger and book??

    I monitor the number of cabins in categories on   I do not book through them, I only check cabin availability.  If I'm truly interested in a cruise, I will check the cabin inventory about every 3 days for 4-6 weeks. I throw it on an Excel spreadsheet and it only takes maybe 10 minutes each time. This has always given me a good clue prior to final payment if there are a lot of cabins left.  If there are, I will wait.  

    I had planned on the Allure of the Seas in late August this year but as I'm watching inventory,its going down.  I booked my room now with a next cruise booking, a C/A discount, and a military rate all thanks to Titus.  At this point, I don't think I will get my Jr. Suite much lower so I may keep the booking.  I really lucked out on this ship/sailing date.   This is the first time in 11 cruises that I've had the CHOICE of a resident discount or a military discount..unbelivable!!  I also booked a 2nd cabin (D5) for son/DIL and they received a resident's discount as well plus they got some onboard credit from RC.

    As far as airfare, we book that even before we book the cruise. The way our jobs are, we have to pick more than 6 months in advance of when we want to be off.  From that point on, we just pick a couple of cruises then the watch begins.  I still may end up cancelling this one and rebooking (before final payment of course). Its always an adventure with me. 



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