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    Titus...dont see this one

    Dont see this one....was looking for a NEW'ly advertised Carnival cruise on the Legend for August 17, 2014.  A 13 day Panama Canal from Tampa Florida to Los Angeles.  Would you please let me know when it is on  THANKS TITUS

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    Re: Titus...dont see this one

    It's not on Carnival's web site yet. I searched and didn't find it. administrator

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    Re: Titus...dont see this one

    please check again. we just booked from carnival website

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    Re: Titus...dont see this one

    Thanks for checking Titus...It is a real cruise BUT I have switched back to one I had Thanks anyway EXCEPT NOW I need help on one of my Alerts..the 8 day Freedom Eastern Caribbean cruise January 25, 2014. The Fall & Winter Sale-Past Guest, and the CA resident sale etc prices do not show up at all. Only the basic 5...needs fixing. Thanks Titus!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: Titus...Possible Error

    Titus.....Celebrity Constellation 11-24-13 Sailing shows Veranda Guarantee Z rate at $779,cant find this rate anywhere accept on inside cabin guarantee. Please review.