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    Re: Commissions and price drops

    This was before, My thing is i saw the price drop she told me i was under a group rate which i didnt know about, Im paying the same 629 that the site sais, I saw the price drop to $614 per person and when i told her about the price drop that when she told me i was under a group rate. I told her well i want to be under early saver and she said a lot of stipulations came with ES and she wouldnt suggest it. I said well ok id still like to be switched to early saver and thats when she said if i do i would only be in the lowest catergory cabin, (I was already n a 4b interior) she said i would be in a 1a if i changed and thats an upper lower i said im going on a cruise with my mate not my friend. So i said well why and i still want to get the price drop of $25pp she said i wouldnt be able to. I said i want early saver still,

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    Re: Commissions and price drops

    costco no longer gives you that great deal on on board credit, they give it to you in store credit, and not that much.  What a joke, that's why I joined costco, as there isn't any near my home.

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