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    ALLLLLL greyed out

    Hi Titus....for the past couple of days I have noticed that my September 21st Carnival Glory New England cruise is all greyed out.  It is not all sold out and am pretty sure there is some glitch.  Not complaining, just wanted you to be aware...just in case you were not.  I looked at other cruises and they too are all greyed out.  Thanks for your service...I LOVE

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    HAL Ryndam 26 Oct 13

    Hi Titus,

    was notified of a $ 300 pp price drop on the Ryndam.

    of course wanted to take advantage of this.

    however, this drop is nowhere to be found.  Not On HAL, Vacations to go, costco or any other site.


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    Re: ALLLLLL greyed out

    I'm finding similar issues with DCL sailings.  It's definitely not keeping up with the inventory, pretty much making my alerts useless. :(