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    CruiseFish Alert...not!

    Received an alert that the price for a D-1 balcony was at 1009.00.  Thinking this was a good time for me to upgrade, I went to RCCL for pricing and for an E-1 the rate was 1049. and of course, the D-1 was much higher.  Does anyone know why the rate would change when according to CF the rate was good till tomorrow!

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    Re: CruiseFish Alert...not!

    Where did you see this "until tomorrow" info?

    Cruise fish rates are never good "until tomorrow". They are only good until Royal Caribbean changes them. And that could be a matter of minutes. The booking of just a cabin or two could trigger an increase in price which is obviously what happened in your case. I've booked a cruise and then noticed immediately after booking it that the price went up for the next person. Yes, I went right back and checked pricing. 

    By the time the cruisefish email is sent to you, that is the price. But there is no guarantee it will remain that way until you call or "until tomorrow".


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    Re: CruiseFish Alert...not!

    Agree with Mommabean...I've seen them last only a few hours and NEVER "until" anytime.