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    Royal Caribbean WOW Sale

    Just wondering how often these "sales" come around.  There has been no change in price for my cruise.  The only positive from this sale is the $100 on board credit I could get.  Do these sales happen often?  If so, what is normally the best time?  

    The cruise I'm planning for is in Sept.  Does anyone know the best ideal time to book?

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    Re: Royal Caribbean WOW Sale

    I believe the best time to book is as early as possible--and then watch for price drops.  Usually the price only goes up.  You might catch a good price after final payment is due but then, if you have to fly, your savings are eaten up by high airfare.

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    Re: Royal Caribbean WOW Sale

    The WoW sale is a misnomer.

    There actually is no sale. It's just a promotion offering on board credit and reduced deposit. No prices are actually reduced.


    BTW, they usually have this promotion twice a year.