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    Hi guys...great actually stole my idea:)

    I was wondering is there any way to have option for affiliates.

    I do future cruise bookings and this is a great oportunity to spread the word.

    All the best..cheers!

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    Re: Affiliates

    Hi and welcome to CF,

    What do you mean by affiliates? In what form would that be useful to you? administrator

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    Re: Affiliates

    Hi Titus,

    What I do is booking cruises onboard the cruise ship.

    I can recommend your site to every single person onboard.

    I was thinking something like Clickbank where I can be given the link which the guest can use to be sent to your website.

    By using that I would be payed some sort of commision which will entirely depend on your end.

    When someone clicks your link and later purchases a product, I would earn a commission.

    Not sure how would this work in connection with you guys.