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    stats is indeed great, but . . .

    Stats is great and is a great finder. But if we could just have one more feature, I would select "Cruise Ship"
    It is not so much you have a favorite, but most have a home port and I agree that it is great to take a cruise without having to fly-but if you were to pick Miami or Port Everglades, you get pages of choices. "Cruise Ship" also lets you follow what it is doing--it might be coming to you home port via Transatlantic.

    A second improvement on the Stats, is to just show a better description of the particular cruise. You typically, for example, show Transatlantic, but please add departure and destination. Same with Caribbean etc. This would really help and there is plenty of room on the line for more info. Thanks

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    Re: stats is indeed great, but . . .

    A "Ship" filter has been added to "cheapest per day" cruise stats. administrator