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    T/A failed to disclose no refund to cancel

    Watch your step with Allaboardtravel, and don't book over the phone with them, they have the highest lost of deposit you have ever heard of. 250.00 per person. and don't tell you about it, plus they use travel insurance policys to try to collect and refund.:frown:

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    Re: T/A failed to disclose no refund to cancel

    Unfortunately some rates are a full deposit loss on cancelation. Carnivals Early Saver rate is one that comes to mind. This is Carnivals policy and not the Agencies. If you would have booked direct you may have lost the exact same amount although it should have been disclosed before you made your down payment. Once you hit the 90ish days to cruise mark the lines start taking large chunks of the full fare. The closer to the cruise you get the higher percentage they take until you get nothing back. In this case you would need to make an insurance claim and hopefully you would have a covered reason. You can get cancel for any reason insurance but many times that only pays you half the cruise. The best thing you can do is ask about your cruise line and rate codes cancelation policy up front. If you use a T/A they can email you a copy to look over yourself before paying anything. If you have to have a specific room they can put a no obligation hold on the room until you look it over.

    I am not affiliated with all aboard in any way.