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    Anyone been on this ship before????

    First time on this ship.... would welcome any tips or postive things to look out for :lol:

    I believe sailing out of Venice is fantastic

    Cheers SD

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    Re: Anyone been on this ship before????

    Sailing in and out of Venice IS fantastic! Sorry, but its been years since we've been on Grandeur but I'm sure you will have a great cruise. Be sure and walk the wall in Dubrovnik.

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    Re: Anyone been on this ship before????

    Yes, I've sailed on this ship several times in the recent 5 years. She's just gone through a refurbishment and the pictures look very nice. She was in good shape before so I can only imagine how nice it is now. It's by no means a megaship but there was plenty to do and I liked the size and layout.

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    Re: Anyone been on this ship before????

    We sailed Grandeur with 28 family members in Jul 2010 for five days to Cozumel & Key West. Ship and the crew was terrific. Refurbished should only make the ship nicer.

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    Re: Anyone been on this ship before????

    We've been on her several times and recommend highly!  Her Captain is very personable- don't miss his noon updates.  Grandeur isn't too big, but has great features for people who prefer not to get lost in huge noisy crowds on the central park-type areas of the largest ships.  It's a personal choice everyone should decide for themselves, but the 1st time you cruise on a ship that doesn't suit your size preference is a true lesson to remember.  The renovations look well-conceived and executed, we'll see this fall. 

    Venice is a delight, but did you know she has three faces?  In a nutshell, they are Day, Night and Carnivale, and you could make a case for High Water as a fourth.  She is a different place when she shows each face, like the complicated lady she is.   Enjoy!

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    Re: Anyone been on this ship before????

    Here is Venice from the Costa Luminosa in 2009 exiting through the Grand Canal: