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    Why does the same cabin cost so much less in euros?

    I am looking at a cruise which lists a cabin for $700 and it is only 350 euros. Even British pounds are almost equivelent on the present exchange rate so why would payment in euros be so discounted AND what is the best way to pay for a cruise in a currency other than your own?
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    Re: Why does the same cabin cost so much less in euros?

    Indeed, there are such discrepancies on some cruises. The lines sometimes want to draw passengers from countries where they have an image deficit, or some other marketing reason. To take advantage of foreign rates you have to use a travel agent from the area of the currency. Or go direct to the cruise line's local office. Cruise line web sites usually list their phone number. Being in Europe I once purchased a cruise on the Celebrity Equinox (great!) through a US travel agent and so paid the lower USD rate. However when the EUR rate for that cruise later had a big drop I was unable to take advantage of it as my booking was based on the (more stable) USD rate. I could have canceled but would have lost my deposit. administrator