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    Premium Credits for more frequent price checks

    Cruise Fish superbly organizes and displays the information it gathers and easily justifies the per-credit cost just for that. I am becoming disallusioned though at the frequency of price checks I am seeing. On two Carnival cruises I am monitoring I have had 7 and 6 price drops respectively. All 13 drops I caught before CF notified me of them. I admit to being a little zealous in price checking, but some of these have been really late notifications. The most recent example is category 8F on this cruise:

    I caught a $100 PP drop in the Past Guest rate (to $1339 PP) and Early Saver rate, among others, for category 8F yesterday at 4 PM. It is now 22 hours later and CF still has not found the new price.

    You have said that Carnival is completley surveyed twice a day. Something must have happened on this sailing for that price change not to have been caught.

    Here is my new feature request: add the option of Premium Level Credits at a higher cost/credit that, when used, check the price on a followed cruise at least every 4 hours. Adding a check on demand between scheduled checks would be even better, and would justify an additional cost premium.

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    Re: Premium Credits for more frequent price checks

    I'm gonna take a look at our update rate. There definitely is room for improvement.

    Thanks for the detailed report. administrator