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    cruisefish price tables

    where are they and how do you use to book a lower rate in a foreign currency? Thanks.

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    Re: cruisefish price tables

    The Home page of Cruisefish says:"■Get lower prices in other currencies? Take advantage of cruise line price differences between currencies and save up to 30%, CruiseFish price tables will show you how."

    My question, like the earlier post, is HOW do you take advantage of the prices differences between currencies?

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    Re: cruisefish price tables


    This feature was put on the back burner because its implementation wasn't very user-friendly: clicking on a, say, USD currency column header would turn all prices to USD, allowing for easy comparison between currencies.

    The only problem is that to take advantage of currency discrepancies one must then book the cruise through an agent or cruise line office located in the country of the lower-priced currency. Not always convenient or even possible.

    Still I'll revisit that feature and try to make it usable as it's always interesting to see how cruise lines price differently depending of regions. administrator