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    new way to setup an alert

    This is an easier way to setup a new alert:

    • Select your cruise line, ship and date.

    • Then, as usual, click on any cabin class, type or category you wish to monitor.

    • Finally select your events (DOWN, UP, etc.) and currency/rates (USD/std, USD/sen, etc.) administrator

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    Re: new way to setup an alert

    Is there a way to set up an alert for a cruise that is not available yet? Celebrity Solstice has its last available cruise ending in Ensenada on May 8, 2014. I would like to be notified when the Solstice cruise departing Ensenada is available for booking.

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    Re: new way to setup an alert

    Where in the world does it allow you to set your own events? 

    I am able to get the categories and prices within the ALERT page, but the only other thing that I can do on that page is click the cabin category. And all that does is show me various prices on various dates. 

    There is nothing that allow me to SET and alert. I just dont get this website.I bought credits. I use an iPad. Does that have anything to do with it?



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    Re: new way to setup an alert

    Hi Cindy,

    try clicking on the cabin class that you are interested in. That worked for me. Good luck :)

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    Re: new way to setup an alert

    Is there anyway to set up an alert in US dollars and  UK pounds?