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    Valid Cruise Greyed Out

    In the Selector, under Carnival Breeze, 12 Day Europe from Barcelona, the cruise date 10/25/2012 is greyed out and struck through. This is a valid cruise. Does this prevent CF from checking the prices and issuings alerts on this cruise? What causes the greyed out/strike through?

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    Re: Valid Cruise Greyed Out

    This sometimes happens when our spider (price gathering program) gets an error from the cruise line web site. It infers that that particular cruise is no longer updated.

    The cruise you mention:

    seems to update correctly now.

    These transient errors happen frequently and usually self-correct within 24h. administrator

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    Re: Valid Cruise Greyed Out

    I have this same problem with carnival conquest, sail date 1/13/2013...can u look at it. thanks!