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    Re: Cannot start an alert

    Those are very good ideas and I'm sure would have saved me some time.

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    Re: Cannot start an alert

    Yes, Titus needs to write a page of very clear directions with a link to those directions on every page.

    He needs to mention that the mouse should be scrolled over the exact "cabin class", "type", or "category" (as he has them labeled in each column) to monitor and then clicked, NOT over the price quote, and then mention that categories within a cruise can be set individually or as a group.

    Maybe a link on each page to some FAQs is also in order with very specific questions and answers like these. That would help.

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    Re: Cannot start an alert

    First time user

    I was able to hover over the category I wished to watch and it turned pink. . I entered all of the information which appeared on the next screen.. I clicked create and the message Missing entry by Currency rate appears. I have left all choices of currency blank- have checked all of them- and justchosen US $ but the same mesage of Missing entry stays on the screen. I can't tell if the page is changing or not when I have changed my options for currencty rate

    What am I doing wrong??

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    Re: Cannot start an alert

    I'm not sure what went wrong. If you checked at least one currency/rate then the alert box should disappear and your monitored cabin category should acquire a pink background.

    Can you please give the cruise permalink? And cabin category you tried? administrator

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