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    Military Rates

    Why are there no Military Rates shown for the 4/08/13 Celebrityy Solstice cruise?

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    Re: Military Rates

    You mean this cruise?

    There are military rates there. administrator

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    Re: Military Rates

    Thanks for your reply. Found the problem!

    There are TWO cruises listed for THIS particular cruise. There is an 18 night cruise and a 17 night cruise -- same cruise, but because of a dateline crossing it is listed as both -- 18 night and 17 night. Kind of confusing.

    Celebrity must have originally called it a 18 night cruise (which is the one we have been following on CruiseFish) and now they are calling it a 17 night cruise.

    We will create an alert for the 17 night one which DOES have the Military Rates as you pointed out.