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    unable to add new alert

    I tried to add a new alert but it does not appear with the previously generated alerts. The "create" option never came up; however, the selected cruise/cabin is highlighted and when I click on it, I get the option to delete, modify, etc. Cannot determine if this new cruise is being monitored or not.
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    Re: unable to add new alert

    Hi, Could you tell me on what cruise you see this anomaly? administrator

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    Re: unable to add new alert

    I am having the same problem. It will not let me add any alerts on my profile. If I manually go to my sailing then I see the sailing highlighted since I have visited it many many times but as far as pressing the selector button above, nothing happens, it won;t let me make any selections at all. Confused why it doesn't work. I thought when you signed up as a new user you got your first 2 alerts for free but it won't let me have any alerts for free at all.