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    Hi, I'm looking for a cruise that would suit my mum and her friend, both over 65. They would like to go further afield than the med but both are 1st time cruisers. I want them to experience luxory but at affordable prices. does anybody have any ideas on where i should begin to find them a good deal.
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    Re: over 65's

    I would suggest a transatlantic cruise. They are usually priced very affordably, give you plenty of sea days to explore the ship and participate in ship activities, and also a "taste" of usually 4-6 foreign ports. A med cruise is usually very port intensive and probably not best experienced by first-time cruisers in the age range you specify. (just my opinion)
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    Re: over 65's

    Transatlantic cruises ARE great, but there are more days at sea than other cruises. If your mum would like more stops, look for an affordable line that offers good service, at a reasonable price.

    My wife and I are in our 60's, and like any of the following lines:

    Royal Caribbean - lowest price (of these three). Offers a HUGE range of activities, everything from ice skating to classes in scrapbooking and photography. Good service, decent food.

    Celebrity - Slightly more expensive, but GREAT service. A bit quieter the Royal Caribbean, as the guests are on average a bit older. Often described as "dignified". Still has activities, but geared toward a bit more sedate group of cruisers.

    Holland America - actually, we haven't yet sailed this line, but the word I get is that it's definitely an older demographic. Folks who enjoy Royal Caribbean's range of activities has told me they were somewhat bored on the cruise. In spite of that, if they like a relaxed, sedate cruise, with good service, this would be one!

    Hope that's of some help.