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    My Equinox 2009 Photo Album

    Still testing CF's new photo album feature.

    Our Equinox 2009 Norwegian Fjords inaugural cruise:

    03082009090.jpg dscf4820.jpg dscf4818.jpg dscf4815.jpg dscf4813.jpg dscf4811.jpg dscf4808.jpg dscf4807.jpg dscf4804.jpg dscf4802.jpg dscf4800.jpg dscf4793.jpg dscf4789.jpg dscf4786.jpg dscf4759.jpg dscf4680.jpg dscf4685.jpg sany0044.jpg sany0043.jpg sany0036.jpg sany0030.jpg sany0045.jpg sany0054.jpg 04082009109.jpg 04082009098.jpg 03082009093.jpg 03082009086.jpg 01082009082.jpg administrator

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    Re: My Equinox 2009 Photo Album

    Enjoyed your pictures, found location after viewing, great shot from the mountain, impossible to get that prosective here in the carribean.


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    Re: My Equinox 2009 Photo Album

    I also enjoyed the pictures.  That is a nice feature.  Is there an option for captioning?

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    Re: My Equinox 2009 Photo Album

    Good show!