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From here you can navigate to all current cruise lines, ships, cruises and saildates. Use the right navigation pane menu to get started. You can return to this page at any time with the 'Cruise Finder' top menu item.

On each line, ship and cruise page you will find relevant statistics, further navigation options and a way to set an alert when a new ship, cruise or saildate is added to our lists.

Each saildate page has a table of current prices sorted by cabin class, type and category. Some prices display trend indicators: green if price is down, red if up, striked if no longer available, prefixed with " if newly available. Float your mouse pointer over these prices to see their full history.

To set your price alert simply click on the cabin class, type or category name. Active price alerts are highlighted in pink on the table. A list of all your alerts is available by visiting the top right 'Alerts' menu item.

Average price per day of a balcony cabin (USD)