Welcome to CruiseFish

Want to save money on cruises and get the best staterooms? Tired of constantly scanning cruise line web sites for price changes, available staterooms, new cruises or ships? Time for an automated tool that does that for you? You bet.

Introducing CruiseFish (CF). A price, stateroom and cruise monitoring system that does all the browsing for you and sends e-mail alerts. CF is independent of cruise lines or travel agents and only dedicated to the cruiser's interest.

The unlimited monitoring of all cabin categories for a single saildate costs only $0.99 USD (less if purchased in bulk). A small investment that can save hundreds of dollars on your cruise.

All other CF services are free (deals, forum, ship alerts, etc.) and will always remain so. Join today and start saving! There is no software to install or maintain. CF runs entirely online watching cruises 24/7 for you.

Why use CruiseFish?

  • You already booked a cruise? CruiseFish notifies you of any price drop so you can get a refund or on-board credit from the cruise line.
  • Your favorite stateroom category is not available yet? Let CruiseFish watch it and send you a note when it comes back online.
  • Want to book early on those hot new cruise dates? CruiseFish will let you know as soon as they appear on the cruise line's web site.
  • Get lower prices in other currencies? Take advantage of cruise line price differences between currencies and save up to 30%, CruiseFish price tables will show you how.

Get started now

  1. Create your CruiseFish account
  2. Validate your account by clicking on the link you receive by e-mail
  3. Click on the word credit at the top right of your screen for instructions on how to purchase CF Credits
  4. Visit the Finder to browse all CruiseFish monitored cruises
  5. Click on a stateroom class, type or category name to create an alert
  6. Select your rates, currencies and alert types
  7. You get e-mail notifications when your stateroom categories change price or availability
Latest price drops [ more ]
Drop Price Ship Stateroom Saildate
1.5% $1,019 Disney Fantasy 09A Deluxe Oceanview... 2020-08-22
19.9% $2,342 Allure OTS L1 Crown Loft Suite 2021-05-03
7.0% $843 Allure OTS 4V Interior 2021-05-03
8.8% $1,047 Allure OTS 2I Boardwalk View... 2021-05-03
19.7% $2,608 Allure OTS A3 Spacious AquaTheate... 2021-05-03
28.9% $810 Allure OTS XN Neighborhood View... 2021-05-03
25.8% $807 Allure OTS YO Ocean View... 2021-05-03
6.8% $962 Allure OTS 4N Ocean View 2021-05-03
6.7% $999 Allure OTS 2T Promenade View... 2021-05-03
6.7% $983 Allure OTS CI Connecting Interior 2021-05-03
6.7% $1,015 Allure OTS 2S Central Park View... 2021-05-03
22.6% $1,362 Allure OTS J4 Junior Balcony Suite 2021-05-03
9.0% $970 Allure OTS 2J Central Park View... 2021-05-03
19.1% $4,752 Allure OTS OP Owner's Panoramic... 2021-05-03
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